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This is a blog with a little of everything. Of course I will talk about content writing, and English  grammar and history,  and probably a little about art. 
But I will also get into science, innovations, movies, history, and all you can think about that interests a woman my age and with my life. 


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Manuel Antonio National Park, an insiders\’ guide

Manuel Antonio National Park and its surrounding region are one of Costa Rica\’s most comprehensive tourist destinations. It boasts beautiful beaches, a vibrant rainforest, plenty of wildlife sightings, and a superb selection of lodgings, activities, restaurants, and other experiences for

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Etiquetar, nuestra prisión favorita

Estamos en la epoca de las etiquetas. Etiquetar es el deporte de moda. El “trend”. Hashtags para arriba y para abajo, hashtags con los que nos encerramos y limitamos. Hashtags con los que hacemos mundos oscuros y amargos. Hashtags para

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Escribir para vivir. Vivir para comunicar.

Escribir para vivir. Eso era lo que quería cuando estaba carajilla, escribir y viajar. Y un día se me atravesó el turismo y viajar reemplazó con su pie ligero pero definitivo, la intención creativa de escribir historias y pasé a

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Silence, the ultimate frontier.

Speech eventually has nothing more to tell us: we investigate the silence, for it is the silence that is doing the speaking ~Pierre Macherey. I am not a religious person. My mother would take me to the movies instead of

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Corcovado or Tortuguero? What\’s best?

Corcovado or Tortuguero? A hard choice if you don\’t have the time to do both. Both are stunning rainforests and offer abundant wildlife. Both are hot and humid and it really depends on some conditions on you to enjoy more

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