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Argue for your limitations and you’ll certainly keep’em

Richard Bach

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I am a bridge for all the colors to be on the canvas. They just flow through me, and they surprise me as much as they will surprise you.

My Story as a painter

It is impossible to live in Costa Rica and not to be a nature fan. We are surrounded by it, even in the cities! Everything is fertile, everything growns intensely… Pure Life! Yes! 

I became a naturalist tour guide in 1988, and from the very beginning I was immersed in the tropical rainforests and their…

What's going on?

For 2023, I will be:

Restaurante El Bosque

This unique and exciting art experience exhibit features stunning pieces of original art that are deeply inspired by the indigenous culture and the extraordinary biodiversity of Costa Rica. The artwork is surreal, with a psychedelic quality that makes it seem as though it’s constantly in motion.

El Bosque Restaurant is the perfect setting for this exhibition, located next to a beautiful cloud forest that offers an incredible backdrop for the artwork. Despite its stunning location, El Bosque is an affordable restaurant that provides great service and delicious food. So, not only can you enjoy a fantastic meal, but you can also immerse yourself in the incredible artwork on display.

Overall, this exhibition at El Bosque is a must-see for art enthusiasts and foodies alike. Don’t miss your chance to experience the unique combination of fantastic art and delicious cuisine in a beautiful setting.

To discover magic in the ordinary and the natural is a gift, a practice of the soul that we can all learn when we set out armed with only our senses, to listen with our hearts and open up our minds.
In these visions and memories of a wonderer and a wanderer, a taste of that magic drips onto the canvas, inviting us all to search for the glory and beauty in each moment of our own lives.

Colin Sharpe


Inspired Painting

Inspired painting is an experience that involves being at the present moment, getting the world rush out and allowing the flow of Life to go through. 

There is no way to do it wrong, however an open heart and a relaxed attitude help to enjoy it fully. 

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mono soñando que es dios, dios soñando que es mono

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