Silence, the ultimate frontier.

Speech eventually has nothing more to tell us: we investigate the silence, for it is the silence that is doing the speaking ~Pierre Macherey.


I am not a religious person. My mother would take me to the movies instead of mass. And I was very happy about it.

However, since an early age, I have been struggling with the same common thing that has had entire civilizations on their knees:  The human silence within. A realm that lives there, innocent, impartial, unexplained. So subtle and transcending humans have created huge systems to explain it, humongous external buildings and art that promise us to take us there, into the Supreme Silence. Sometimes successfully, sometimes they merely take us to \”Our Version of…\” as drugs do sometimes. And even sex.

We don\’t even know we crave silence. Silence these days have a strong relation with boredom, and even worse, a cemetery, death.

However, the Supreme Silence, when we find it, either in awe, in love, or in meditation, far from being a grave, gives us an unexplainable sensation of deep understanding, of unfathomable company. Hard to define the undefinable.

And this fantastic quote that I found yesterday in the most unexpected place, gave me a hint about my resistance to the “sacred wording” in ACIM and the word itself: God.

Speech eventually has nothing more to tell us: we investigate the silence, for it is the silence that is doing the speaking ~Pierre Macherey.


It is all about meanings. Isn’t it?

We give “God” such a heavy meaning that it crashes us even with three miserable letters. Four in Spanish. Actually, in most languages in the World, divinity is described in a short word. Especially in the monotheistic religions. You can see the whole collection here: https://www.indifferentlanguages.com/words/god

It is all about the meaning. Of course.

I have given all the meaning to those three letters put together in that order.

This small word has put emperors and geniuses to their knees. All throughout space and time.

If their egos were put to the test, how can mine not be crushed under millennia of conditions and laws around it?  How can we, in our temporary small identities and time-encased bodies not be threatened by the one thing we can’t avoid ever?: Silence.

Silence makes everything possible in the mind. Makes the perception of time, not to crush all under one sole moment: If music didn\’t have silence, it would be one big mess. It is in Silence where we find our Real mirror and not our projections. In Silence, we find focus, attention, relaxation, rest.

From where I stand, being a student of ACIM for decades already, it addresses a mystery that religions put outside making the infinite fit into human codes and small thoughts.

We have given that Mystery a meaning. A meaning so strong that it has created reactions of all sorts, the most common looking out, either to explain it, or to deny it.

Probably both reactions are the same: utter fear.

Utter fear to what we cannot explain, define or understand. Utter fear to what we are afraid we truly are. 


In the East, they knew it a long time ago. In the West, science for the first time made an experiment and could finally see an important character in the play of perception… “OMG! There is a perceiver!”.

The idea of the perceiver, the unknown observer is the ultimate frontier. The one that is there to set us free. The last door to the ignored but ever-present Silence within.

The one that doesn’t follow the rules. Any rules.

The unperceivable perceiver.

That which perceives the perceiver but is itself unperceivable

The one we are behind all our names, labels, and masks, without time, age, or gender.

Serious meditation knows it. Anyone who enjoys solitude knows it.

There is something about it. There is a beautiful sensation in the Presence. A belonging sensation that doesn’t react to the “outdoors”. Not even a perception, it is so subtle I could only call it an experience of it.

If we get the word \”god\” out of perception and look at the Silence within. If we get the letters “G. O. and D.” out of all meaning and shape.

Blow the meanings, all the meanings. And just stay there. In the Content we are. Shapeless, ageless, timeless, spaceless.

We are not identities, we are not “beings”. We are the shapeless experience of life itself.

We are Silence. 


Thank you for reading.