10 Different Art Workshops Inspired By Nature

Welcome to the world of art workshops inspired by nature, guided by Olga Saenz, a talented artist and experienced naturalist. A completely interactive, hands-on, and fun way to learn about nature and artistic expression.


Art Workshops Inspired By nature
Cahuita – 90×70 cm

These workshops are designed to help participants explore their creativity while connecting with the beauty of the natural world. They are designed for guests not only to learn painting techniques but also gain a deeper appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with different mediums and styles, allowing them to express themselves in unique ways.

The workshops will provide a fun yet supportive environment for visitors to see Costa Rican nature through an artistic lens – going beyond factual knowledge of the country’s incredible biodiversity to notice subtle beauty and majesty. Participants may tap into their inner artist or simply relax, let go of control, and have fun.

Art workshops in Costa Rica - Monteverde


All these workshops are two hours long, they all require the same materials, and a space with good natural light and ways to connect UV light bulbs when needed. In all of them, Olga Saenz will introduce participants to exploring color mixing, contrasts, shades, perspective, and different brush techniques. You will also learn about sustainable and environmentally friendly art practices, empowering you to create art in harmony with nature.

Inside the ficus - Art Workshops in Costa Rica
Inside the ficus – Art Workshops in Costa Rica

The Art Workshops:


Finding Your Personal Zone:

In this workshop, we embark on a journey of self-discovery through art.

These are made to quiet the mind and get in “The Zone” through mindfulness while painting.  The focus is on helping you find your unique artistic style while drawing inspiration from the natural world. Learning to create without ties is not easy at times but there are different techniques that we use in order to lose our own ways to limit our creativity.

It is, plainly, a way for adults to remember what it was to fully have fun again.

Dreamer - Art Workshops in Costa Rica
Dreamer – Art Workshops in Costa Rica

Family Painting: Bonding in Creativity Workshop:

This workshop is a delightful experience for families to come together and explore their creativity through art. Children and parents alike will engage in fun games and activities that encourage bonding and creativity. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories while discovering new ways to communicate and find joy in the process of making art together.

In this workshop we also use crayolas, color pencils and modeling dough.

This workshop is designed for families to play with paper at first and then create their own souvenir painting.

Family Art Workshops in Costa Rica
Family Art Workshops in Costa Rica

Painting Costa Rican Sloths: 

Dive into the enchanting world of sloths as we study the texture of their fur, noting how it catches the light. Discover their endearing smiles and sleepy eyes, portraying their gentle essence. Through Olga Saenz’s guidance, you will learn to capture the spirit of these peaceful creatures on canvas.

Art Workshops in Costa Rica: Painting Sloths
Art Workshops in Costa Rica: Painting Sloths

We will focus on developing an intimate understanding of sloths – their habitats, movements, and behaviors. This insight will allow us to portray their tranquil nature on canvas in a heartfelt, authentic manner.


Monkeys Fun Painting

Explore the captivating expressions, facial features, and movements that distinguish four monkey species.

Compare the wide, round eyes of the capuchin to the intense gaze of the spider monkey. Portray the agility of the squirrel monkey and ponderous strength of the howler. With Olga Saenz’s knowhow, discover the diversity and similarities of these fascinating creatures through art.

Observe monkeys in their natural habitats to appreciate their unique personalities. Then apply bold, lively brushstrokes to capture a capuchin’s mischievous grin or the acrobatics of a spider monkey swinging through the trees.


Getting Into The Scales: Reptiles 

Uncover the intricate beauty of scales as we study snakes and iguanas.

How to create the effect of iridescent greens and bronzes glinting along their lengths as light dapples through the rainforest canopy. Learn to capture the fluid curves and angles of reptiles in repose or in motion.

Art workshops in Costa Rica - Painting Reptiles
Art workshops in Costa Rica – Painting Reptiles

Analyze the diamond-shaped patterns on a green viper or the prehistoric ridges along an iguana’s spine. Then recreate the texture and luster of scales through meticulous brushwork and shimmering metallic paints.


Water, Transparency, Light And Fluidity

Dive into the reflective world of water, fish, and light. Explore the glassy surface as it scatters the vibrant greens and blues of overhanging leaves. Discover the mesmerizing iridescent flashes and fluid forms of koi as they drift through crystalline pools.

Art Workshops in Costa Rica_ Painting fish
Art Workshops in Costa Rica_ Painting fish


Experiment with pouring thinned paints to achieve the graceful flow of a waterfall or school of fish. Practice unique techniques to capture light dancing across rippling water. Open your eyes to the movement and brilliance beneath the surface.


The Rainforest In Awe

In this workshop, focus inward to capture the essence of the rainforest.

Depict the symphony of shades and movements that make this landscape pulse with life. From the towering canopy to the smallest fungi, learn to distill the complexity into a profoundly simple truth – that the diversity of life itself is the soul of the rainforest.

Art Workshops in Costa Rica - Rainforests
Art Workshops in Costa Rica – Rainforests

Immerse yourself in the sights, scents, and sounds of the rainforest. Then clear your mind and let inspiration flow freely from brush to canvas. Portray not just physical features but the vital energy that connects every living thing.


The Magnificence Of Tropical Trees

Explore the intricate beauty of trees, from the twisting vines that cling to their bark to the artistry of their branching limbs. Compare the simple symmetry of palm fronds to the gnarled tangle of mangrove roots.

Learn to capture the unique personality in the knots and whorls of trunks, the graceful curve of a fern frond, the scattering of light through leaves.

Study the intricate patterns and textures of tropical trees firsthand. Use bold strokes and rich, earthy pigments to capture their aged wisdom and quiet dignity on canvas.


The Impact Of Meaningful Landscapes

In this workshop, contemplate the emotional impact of landscapes and how that colors our art. Study the brooding, stormy skies above the peak of a lone mountain. Capture the warm nostalgia of a grassy field dotted with oxeye daisies. Or find solace in the quiet peace of a fog-shrouded forest.

Explore new ways of seeing that reveal the personality and history embedded in each location. Use color, texture, light to portray landscapes as living entities that can inspire awe or comfort the soul.


The Second Life Of Nature: Neon Painting

In this workshop we learn to paint under a different way of seeing nature. The way many animals and insects perceive life throughout their lives. Learn how to paint and have fun with neon colors and painting a second painting on yours.


Art Workshops in Costa Rica
Art Workshops in Costa Rica


Experiment with ultraviolet and infrared pigments to simulate the visual world of bees, birds, snakes. Then splash vivid neon hues across your canvas, creating an abstract second layer that gives nature new life.



These art workshops inspired by nature offer a transformative experience that goes beyond painting techniques. Under the guidance of Olga Saenz, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and a deeper connection with the natural world. Whether you are capturing the soul of the rainforest or exploring the intricate details of wildlife, these workshops are designed to inspire and enrich your artistic journey.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature through art!