Costa Rica in April, your Terranova insider\’s Guide.

Costa Rica in April is sunny and full of colors. Many trees bloom, and the jacarandas compete with the Pink Puis to turn the Central Valley into a glorious painting. The country boasts its beauty in this month more than in any other!


Anyone who has toured Costa Rica will say that it is worthwhile to visit at any time of year. And, as it has such a variety of microclimates, it all depends on what you like best; except for the extremes, we got it all!

However, April may be the best month to visit our country as it is simply breathtaking! The weather is perfect; it is the season for chicks to get out of their nests and learn to fly. A busy time in the wilderness. And, if you are lucky enough, you may even get the first rains of the season and see life coming back in many areas!

And although the peak tourist season begins when the dry season begins, which also coincides with winter break and New Year\’s. The other peak season also coincides with the end of the beginning of the rainy season. Semana Santa (Easter Week) is the other busiest time of year as Latin Americans, including Costa Ricans, take vacations to travel. And for the US and Canada, it is spring break.

April will still be active, but it is quieter than the holiday season. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is an event that typically occurs in April. It is the week preceding Easter Sunday filled with religious processions and celebrations.

So! If your holidays for 2023 (The first week of April next year) are on this week, now you know you better call your Terranova Travel Designer right now as hotels fill up incredibly fast!


If you\’re looking for warm weather and a place with beaches, adventure, and the attractions of a tropical vacation, April in Costa Rica has a lot to offer.

However, it\’s vital to be mindful of some things because the high season is full swing.


Let\’s talk about seasons here:

We don\’t have seasons as the temperature doesn\’t change much, as you may already know. Mainly the changes apply to if it is raining or not.

April is one of the months when the whole country is in a sunny period. And although it will vary from one place to the next according to region, height above sea level, wind, and other variables, April is a very friendly month to come to Costa Rica.


Keep in mind that the temperature in the tropics is uncertain, so there might be some cold and wet or rainy days in April.

Nevertheless, it also is the hottest month of the year, with temperatures regularly reaching the mid-\’90s. Fortunately, Costa Rica\’s coasts are a wonderfully refreshing antidote to the interior\’s steamy heat.

Of course, it is essential to realize that because of its geographical location and the many mountains there are over 5000 feet above sea level, you will find that except for the coastal regions and the Northern lowlands, almost all of Costa Rica has delightful weather with an average temperature of 71°F (22°C).

Let\’s look at some additional elements of April in Costa Rica:


In April, mangos are beginning to appear in the trees. They can be eaten with salt and lemon; it\’s a treat!

Strawberries, cantaloupes, guavas, watermelons, rambutan, and tamarind are in season, as are star and passion fruits.

It is the end of the sugar cane season; some heavy and bulky sugar cane loaded trucks may be on some North and Pacific roads.

Trees are in bloom! Jacarandas, Pink Puis, Yellow Cortes, Royal Poinsettia, and African Tulips. Star Fruits and passion fruits are in season.

You may find other fruits in the fruit stands on the road and in supermarkets, cantaloupes, watermelons, guavas, strawberries, rambutan, and tamarind.

Wildlife Sightings in Costa Rica in April:

Obviously does not operate as a zoo; sightings are based mainly on chance. However, many animals in Costa Rica can be seen all year, including sloths, monkeys, coatimundis, and over 600 species, including 50 types of hummingbirds and six types of toucans.


It is important to note that Costa Rica accounts for over 900 species; however, migratory birds are already flying back home in April.


Turtles come to Costa Rica by the millions, literally speaking. However, and unfortunately, April is not the best time to spot them. If you are fortunate, you may see one of the enormous leatherback sea turtles, the biggest in the World, on the Caribbean coast. Either in Tortuguero or Gandoca, in the South. However, these are sporadic sightings.


You can see them all year long. Several species, including bottlenose and spotted dolphins, can be seen throughout the year, so you have a good chance of seeing them.

Depending on where you are staying there are several catamarans and sailing boats so the chance to see big schools of dolphins are high. Ask your Terranova Travel Designer about the best places to see dolphins.

The best places to go dolphin watching:

Tamarindo and surroundings.

Drake Bay


Golfo Dulce

Golfo de Nicoya

Dominical (Parque Marino Ballena)

Caribbean: Limon and South Caribbean

*Some lucky people have seen dolphins in the Tortuguero Canals



Costa Rica is the winter place for the Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whales, and so, April is not a good time to see them. (Their winter is July, August, September). However, you may be quite lucky and spot some of the California Whales that come to Central America looking for warmer waters. Not usual in April, though.


Resplendent Quetzal

In April, Monteverde and Savegre and other high regions of the mountain ranges will be visible. It is the moment of the year when species are mating and looking for eggs and young. The mating dances and songs are in full swing, and the feathers and noises can be spectacular.

Species that migrate

The 252 migratory bird species are already flying back North, and our forests seem to miss some of the many mixed flock members that are noticeable in the sunny season.

General Birds:

It\’s a great time to go bird watching because March is nesting season, and April is juvenile. They emerge from their nests and can be seen flying for the first time in various locations, using their brand-new wings.

The remaining bird species can be seen all year.


Costa Rica is habitat to six different toucan species. Keel-billed toucans, as well as Black and Keel Mandibuled Mandibuled Mandibuled Mandibuled Mandibuled Mandibuled Mandibuled Mandibuled Mandibuled Mandibu The Emerald Toucanet can be found in high elevations like Monteverde.


The golden Eared Toucanet is hard to spot. They are visible all year. The black-mandibled toucan and the keel-billed toucan are relatively common sightings along the Caribbean Coast and in the northern area. They can also be seen in mountain areas such as Monteverde and Turrialba. Collared Aracaris can be seen in these lowlands, despite not being found in the highest elevations.

Costa Rica\’s Central and South Pacific are home to fiery-billed Aracaris. Yellow-eared toucans and Emerald Toucanets can be found in the mountains of Guanacaste, near the Caribbean and Monteverde.

They can be observed in the Tortuguero Canals, but they are uncommon.

Costa Rica in April – Tourism:

Due to the conservation of National Parks and reserves and the pandemic, the number of persons permitted to visit some of these locations can be pretty limited.

And if you are driving it is important for you to know that there are already many National Parks that are not selling their entrance tickets on-site, but online, so it\’s a good idea to keep this information in mind and discuss it with your Terranova Travel Designer.


In April, Costa Rica is visited by cruise ships. This is important to know if you intend to visit the Crocodile Safari in Tarcoles River, Carara National Park, the Pacific Aerial Tram, Monteverde Reserve in the Monteverde area, or Hanging Bridges, Coffee Tour.

Many people will also be in Monteverde, Arenal, Tamarindo, and Manuel Antonio. Tour operators and tour companies are ready for this, and it\’s all well structured in general.

And in the area of the Caribbean, some of the adventure sites like ziplines, tubing, or kayaking may be crowded on cruise days.


The towering and constant waves are generated by cold winter fronts pressing into the Caribbean from January to April. To enjoy the benefits of the waves in Costa Rica, Salsa Brava is at its peak in Puerto Viejo, in the South Caribbean.

Please get in touch with your Terranova Travel Designer to discuss the best dates to travel to Costa Rica, relying on your dreams, desires, and needs.

To wrap it up:

If you want to get away, coming to Costa Rica in April is a beautiful idea because it will offer some warm sunny rays and allow you to relax in the exotic destinations that the country provides. And although it is high season is not considered peak season.

Places will have a constant flow of people on the trails and the beach and the hotels and lodges, but the weather is breathtakingly beautiful.

Ask your Terranova Travel Designer to create a perfect itinerary for this sunny month in Costa Rica.



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