A Costa Rica Family Vacation (En Inglés solamente)

A Costa Rica Family vacation can be one of the best ideas you may ever have! It is a perfect destination in terms of logistics, infrastructure, and convenience. Still, beyond that, it is a destination that offers a fantastic array of experiences for all to enjoy and remember forever. 


A family vacation in Costa Rica can go from less than a week to as long as you have or want. It really doesn’t matter. As small as Costa Rica is it offers an almost unlimited sort of experiences to enjoy. 

And even though, if you only come for a long weekend you will see wildlife and live amazing adventures.

Logistics for a vacation with the family in Costa Rica. 

First, let´s talk about flights

Costa Rica has direct flights to dozens of cities in the United States, Canada, and the UK. 

If coming from North America, there is not one flight with over 6 hours. And from the U.K. it’s only eight hours. While destinations that are as exciting nature wise can go for 20 hours or more length flights. 


And for North Americans, there is a fantastic perk: no jet lag whatsoever. 

According to the Travel and Leisure magazine, a new survey advises that if you want your children to thrive in school, they should travel more. 

A study of nearly 1,500 U.S.-based teachers, commissioned by the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA), discovered that 74 percent of educators thought that travel has “a very definite impact on students’ personal development.” A majority of teachers (56 percent) also think that travel’s positive influence can stretch to a student’s career and education.

Teachers recognized that children who traveled to encounter cultures other than their own have developed respectfulness and acceptance towards others, willingness to learn and an enthusiasm to try new things.


When to travel to Costa Rica? 

Well! It depends on your dates. Costa Rica can be enjoyed throughout the whole year. Although of course there are differences between the rainy and the sunny season. 

And although the rainy season sounds, well yes! Like rainy days. There are a few things to say about rainy days in Costa Rica: 

Probably the most important: Rain does not mean cold whatsoever. Rains are warm and may increase significantly the humidity rate, but they certainly make everything shine and nothing better to see wildlife than after a short pouring shower. 

And well! That is another detail, in Costa Rica, mornings are sunny throughout the whole year. In the rainiest part of the year, there may be two and three days exceptions to this rule.

However for instance, in June and July, it rains usually after 1 or 2 p.m. and by sunset (Always around 6 pm) stars come out to shine on clear skies. 


Avoid peak seasons

Peak seasons in Costa Rica are, basically the last week of the year and Easter week (When the Costa Ricans also travel within the country). 

These times of year are crowded and more expensive, lines are much longer in restaurants, tours, and national parks and it is easy for children to lose their patience. 


Hotels and Lodges versus villas or condos? 

All of them have their pros and cons

In hotels, of course, parents don’t have to handle cooking, shopping or cleaning whatsoever. You can just take it easy and let everything be taken care of for you. 

And although there are villas that will come with maids and even a french cook usually the condos are ready to have a family move in and use the kitchen facilities. 

You can have restaurants and hotel facilities close to many of them but still, you may want to go to the supermarket and use the advantages of a kitchen.


Safety and control

Many hotels and lodges may offer joint bedrooms or suites where parents are allowed to control the children’s bedrooms. 

In a condo or villa that is taken care of. 

However, depending on your children’s ages they -or you- may want to have some independence. 

Our suggestion is, of course, to take a hotel as that way you are granted parents will have the chance to take it easy and relax. 


Places to go, experiences to live

Again it really depends on what you want. 

If you are simply relaxing by the pool or beach and let the kids run around the area you rather go for an all-inclusive hotel in the North Pacific region right by the beach. 

They usually have all sorts of activities and a kids club for children of any age to enjoy. 

And you can always take a day trip to see one of the volcanoes, a rainforest or adventures. 

However, if you like your family to experience more than that, our recommendation is to go to Manuel Antonio or the South Caribbean. 

These are areas where you can find breathtaking beach hotels with impressive wildlife sightings right by the rooms. 

If your family is adventurous and you would like to go for some rating, ziplining or rappeling, probably the two best places to go would be Arenal Volcano and the Turrialba area. 

And remember there is also the option to go for part of the family enjoying the mild adventure as floating or hanging bridges and part of the family taking all the thrill with Class IV rafting in the middle of the jungle. 

If you are really nature lovers, probably the best would be going to Tortuguero (North Caribbean) and Drake Bay in the Osa Peninsula in the South Pacific. 

These are quite remote and isolated areas, but you will be immersed in tropical rainforests. With ver frequent wildlife sightings and stunning landscapes, these are areas that any nature fan will love. 


In Conclusion

Costa Rica is an ideal destination for families. Children are priorities for everyone in the travel industry and all your family will enjoy it thoroughly. 

As a Terranova Travel Consultant for your customized travel vacation. 


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