Nature-Inspired Art Workshop

Nature-Inspired Art Workshop: Painting the Wildlife of Costa Rica with Olga Saenz

Dive deep into the essence of Costa Rica’s vibrant wilderness with our specialized nature-inspired art workshop, meticulously crafted and led by Olga Saenz, a renowned artist with a rich background as a naturalist tour guide.

Pintura de un mono | Olga Saenz


Olga’s transition from exploring the intricate wonders of nature to capturing its raw beauty on canvas has resulted in breathtaking works of oneiric expressionism. Her profound experience as a workshop instructor, alongside her expertise in blogging and SEO, renders her uniquely qualified to guide you on this artistic journey, where the wilderness serves as both muse and classroom.

Your Artistic Expedition Kit (Materials):

  • Acrylic Paints (Primary Colors):Master the art of color mixing to recreate the endless hues of the natural world.
  • Paper & Canvas: Your canvas awaits, from initial sketches on paper to the final strokes on canvas, capturing the essence of the wild.
  • A Diverse Set of Brushes: A selection designed to detail the delicate textures and vibrant scenes of Costa Rican wildlife.
  • Rags & Water: For the perfect paint consistency and brush care.
  • A T-Ruler: Ensure precision and proportionality in your artwork with this essential tool.
  • Black Drawing Pencils and eraser.

Workshop Highlights:

1. Nature Observation:

To start the Nature-Inspired Art Workshop, we will venture into the heart of Costa Rica’s wilderness with Olga, honing your ability to see and capture the subtle nuances of nature, from the delicate veins in a leaf to the flamboyant plumage of tropical birds. Develop the artist eye in the rainforest.

2. Tools and Techniques Introduction:

In the studio, Olga unravels the mysteries of the painter’s arsenal, from the diverse array of brushes to the alchemy of color mixing, setting a solid foundation for your creative exploration.

3. Hands-On Exploration:

Before approaching the canvas, familiarize yourself with various brushes and experiment with mixing colors on paper. This phase is crucial for gaining confidence in your artistic abilities.

Blue Coatimundi | nature-inspired art workshop

4. First Artistic Endeavor:

With personal guidance from Olga, embark on creating your initial piece, learning to layer and refine your work for enhanced depth and realism.

5. Precision Drawing & Grid Technique:

Select a piece of the wild to immortalize and employ a grid technique for a faithful representation on your canvas, focusing on accuracy and aesthetics.

6.The Painting Process:

Guided by your preparatory sketch, delve into painting, with Olga providing expert advice on brush technique and color selection to bring your vision to life with confidence.

7. Cultivating Personal Style:

Throughout the workshop, you’ll be encouraged to explore and develop a unique artistic voice, influenced by Olga’s expertise in oneiric expressionism and her deep bond with nature. This journey will inspire you to create pieces that not only reflect the beauty of Costa Rican wildlife but also resonate with your innermost self.

Green Jaguar drinking water
Green Jaguar drinking water

Our nature-inspired art workshop is more than a painting class; it’s an invitation to connect with the Costa Rican natural world, unlock your creative potential, and learn from an artist who has seamlessly blended her passion for nature with her art. Join us for an unforgettable journey where the artistry of nature and canvas merge.

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