Medusa by O.

The most important questions in life. At least for me.

The two most important questions in life, for me, are: What is God? and What am I? And yes, one may answer the other one… But, truly, is there a possible answer in perception for these two labyrinths?

If there is a bottom line to understand anything I have to say this:

You see, I cannot be an atheist. It is not logical. I think it is even primitive and quite stupidly arrogant to consider that there is no intelligence behind everything we see.

It is so freakin’ evident!

I don’t know where did I hear this (It’s not mine), but thinking that there is no intelligence behind the Universe is like looking at an iPhone and thinking that its design came out of a biochemical or geological accident.
Not logical.
There is such an obvious intelligence in everything.

Like a perfect fractal, this impressive network extends into the microscopic as much as to the telescopic and goes from the undecipherable brightness in the eyes of a child to the indiscernible reason for cruelty to exist in our mind’s perception.

My question is never if there is intelligence or not. Duh! Everything within my reach speaks out loud about an intelligence behind everything, human or not.

The question is

“What the fuck is that Intelligence?”

And from that one question, some are derived,  Where does it come from? What is the source?

No, I don’t believe in any particular book to give me the answer to that. Not even the Course.

Medusa by O.

Nor do I believe in a human-shaped god, or a man in the sky for that matter. I don’t know if Jesus existed, and although there are plenty of records of Siddartha Gautama and Mohammed, I don’t know if they existed either or if they are one more fragment of my all-powerful God’s imagination. I may be It…But I didn’t create my own intelligence. It was preinstalled by the time I was born.

But then that leads me to ask… Was I really born? memories are as imaginative as plans about the future.

So, that leads me to a second question:

“What the fuck am I?”

These, I have found are the only two questions that matter in my life. The rest are pure entertainment.