Water Monkey

Bringing an event to life and making it a memorable experience requires a touch of creativity, and Olga Saenz’s live event painting is the perfect brushstroke for this canvas.

As participants converge in various settings—be it a bustling restaurant, an elegant hotel, or a special event—they become part of an exclusive audience witnessing the creation of a unique masterpiece by Olga.

Her artistry is not simply observed but experienced, as she transforms blank canvases into vibrant depictions of Costa Rican life and landscapes.

Olga infuses each event with the vibrant spirit of her homeland, her paintings echoing the rich tapestry of natural beauty and cultural vibrancy.

Guests are not just passive onlookers but engaged participants in an unfolding story told through color and form. As Olga’s artwork progresses, the anticipation builds, culminating in a final reveal that often becomes the highlight of the evening.

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Oniric Expressionism

Oniric Expressionism is an art form where dreams and raw emotion converge, creating a visceral tapestry that transcends reality. The artist channels her subconscious, using vivid colors and bold strokes to evoke the mystique of dreams. This genre defies the concrete, inviting viewers into ethereal realms where the psyche’s whispers materialize.

Through abstracted forms and surreal imagery, oniric expressionists articulate the ineffable, offering a gateway to introspection and the enigmatic depths of the human experience.

About The Artworks:

(By a private collector)

  1. Saenz’s canvas is a portal to a Costa Rica less seen, where the vibrant tapestry of the natural world collides with the ethereal landscapes of the mind. Her paintings are a celebration of the country’s lush nature, but with a twist that transcends the mere replication of its beauty. Each stroke is infused with the essence of psychedelic dreams, hinting at a deeper connection between the waking world and the enigmatic realm of the subconscious.

In Saenz’s world, tropical rainforest animals leap beyond their earthly bounds, adorned with surreal hues and nestled in scenes that challenge the viewer’s understanding of reality. Her work is a dialogue with the mystical, a dance between the tangible rainforest and its fantastical counterparts that exist within the depths of her imagination.

Saenz’s art is not just seen; it’s experienced. It beckons you to wander through a jungle pulsating with otherworldly colors, to encounter creatures that seem to have emerged from a vivid dream. She captures the spirit of Costa Rica’s wilderness not as it is, but as it might appear through the lens of a kaleidoscopic dream where every animal’s gaze tells a story of mystical existence and every leaf whispers secrets of a hidden world.

Through her unique lens, O. Saenz has crafted a body of work that stands as an ode to the majesty of Costa Rican nature, a testament to the untamed beauty of its wildlife, and an invitation to explore the boundless possibilities of our imagination when it merges with the wild.                                            John Mann – Private Collector

What do I do?

I have three possible activities when I paint live in hotels, restaurants, venues, or events:

Simply paint

My artworks are a bit different from the usual and the eye may get caught at times. I am usually with my earbuds on with loud music, and half of the time I don’t even notice people watching me paint.  

Guests continuously come to talk and share their experiences with art. 

If the artwors surround the spacepeople loves to talk to the artist and give themselves time to ask, and tell stories. 

Experience The Art

This is an activity for adults although children love it of course. It is dedicated to simply create a space to express yourself through painting.  Usually it is free subject, I guide the participants into different ways to see and continue their painting in a free way without giving then anything else then the simplest guidelines to paint with acrylics.

It is an activity designed to discover the participants own creativity.

This activity can be complemented with information about Costa Rica, including an introductory briefing for independent travelers while participants are painting.  In the midst of conversation we can guide participants to ask their questions and guide them into the maps and traveling to come. 


Neon Paint Party

As participants enter the neon blacklight realm, they’re greeted by an array of my paintings and pots of neon paint ready to spark their creativity.

Together, we’ll cultivate an atmosphere that’s both intimate and lively, underscored by the beat of music and the social hum of wine sipping.

It’s designed to be as comfortable as it is captivating.

Guests will receive instructions to  craft a work of art with a hidden twist. In the soft wash of the main lights, the painting session begins. 

But it’s when we switch to the glow of neon that the magic happens: artworks shift from classic beauty to a vibrant neon spectacle, offering a stunning surprise that delights every sense. memories, even after the last light dims.

This painting experience is a perfect fit for restaurants, hotels, and venues aiming to offer an interactive and mesmerizing evening. Participants are encouraged to dress in their neon best, adding to the collective canvas of the event’s ambiance.
The experience is a mix of music, engaging conversation, and a rainbow of creative expression that will continue to glow in the participants’

Temporary Gallery

Step into my world of Temporary Galleries, where I bring the vibrant heart of Costa Rica to you. I would be painting live, surrounded by a collection of my latest works, whether they’re hanging on the walls of your restaurant or displayed on easels throughout your hotel lobby.

This pop-up gallery isn’t just a unique backdrop for your event—it’s a conversation starter, a splash of color, and a temporary transformation that turns your space into an interactive art experience. It’s a different kind of decoration, one that tells a story and invites guests to connect with the art in a personal way. Let’s make your venue memorable with a touch of artistic flair that comes and goes like a beautiful dream.

To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact Olga Sáenz.

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