Peak Season in Manuel Antonio, five things to consider

Peak Season in Manuel Antonio

Peak Season in Manuel Antonio, is chaotic, to say the least. With crowds at the doors of the National Park and hotels totally full, the small region of Quepos turns into a nightmare for locals as much as for visitors. However, Manuel Antonio is as breathtaking, alive and wild Blogs as it was when only the people nearby knew about it. You just have to know some secrets.

Peak Season in Manuel Antonio

Peak Season in Manuel Antonio is very chaotic. And I am being nice. The time that goes from Christmas Eve to New Year’s day is what we call “Peak Season” and it is quite messy here.

Long lines at the entrance of the park, vendors everywhere, tour guides, parking lot guards, the art crafts and the ice cones compete for your attention. And you almost regret looking like a tourist. It simply feels like everyone is after your pocket.

And well… Yes. Almost everyone is.

So, as we are locals and we’ve been in the travel industry for decades already, we know exactly what to do in order to avoid, at least partially the chaos of the peak season in Manuel Antonio.

Peak Season in Manuel Antonio

1. Plan in advance. Not two months in advance. A year in advance, at least. If you haven’t let us know, we might know some people 😉

Hotels are full in Manuel Antonio, by October.

By July you are already having trouble finding rooms in Manuel Antonio. So, for you to find a real array of options, you plan your trip to Manuel Antonio a year in advance.


Well, that is ideal. However, we must be realistic, sometimes it just happens we realize we are traveling to Costa Rica in October, for instance. And well! Manuel Antonio is THE thing. A gorgeous tropical beach where animals meddle around your stuff.

Peak Season in Manuel Antonio

2. Manuel Antonio National Park is awesome, but peak season in Manuel Antonio means it will be crowded and there are so many things in this region that are also amazing! And monkeys in Manuel Antonio are everywhere!

Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest park in the country, yet the more visited. It is fantastic, without a doubt. But when you plan your trip, think about visiting the park half a day, but know that the wildlife in the region gets, literally speaking to the balcony of your room (Depending on where are you staying, of course).

Check our day tours here! There are several other options to choose from! 

Peak Season in Manuel Antonio

3. Reserve your tours and even restaurants. As early as possible.

I know we all feel that it depends on how you feel and so on. But at this time of year, everything is full. Reserve tours and restaurants in advance. Let us know! We will do it for you! 

Just don’t wait until the last minute!

4. If you are driving on your vacation. Leave the car at the hotel and come to the National Park by shuttle or public bus.

There are so many irregular things happening with the guys that “watch after the cars” at the entrance of the park. You will be so much better not to go by car when you visit the park.

But then again, if you take the guided tour with us, we will give you transportation in and out without all that hassle.

5. Going into the park without a guide is never a good idea, but these days, forget it!

You see, it goes beyond us trying to make a dollar. If you want to see the animals and see the best of the National Park, you have to have a guide. In crowded days such as these, you will find that guides know where to go and stay to see the best.

And you will learn about wildlife and the region.



There are many reasons why the peak season in Manuel Antonio is better if you have a local by your side. We are simply listing five.

Let us know when you are coming and we will support your vacation for it to be truly great!


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