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Green Jaguar Drinking Life


In this imaginative painting, an impossibly immense emerald jaguar drinks from a cascading river valley. The sheer scale of the beast makes it appear almost like a living landscape—its forehead sprouting an ancient tree and its snout formed of mossy rocks.

Only the vivid red eyes, peering out from the undergrowth, reveal any sign of life. The jaguar seems to inhabit two worlds at once, both animal and environment. It blends into the jungle surroundings even as it dwarfs them in size. The sound of rushing waterfalls cannot dwarf its earth-shaking presence.

This 40x50cm painting depicts a jaguar’s head as it drinks from a flowing river against a jungle backdrop. The jaguar’s face is framed by  waterfalls, which appears miniature against its imposing form. Rendered on a grand scale, the jaguar takes on a mythical presence within its environment.

Its bright red eyes peer out at the viewer, conveying ancient wisdom. Sáenz’s sweeping brushwork and tropical palette transport the viewer to the lush Costa Rican rainforest, the jaguar’s rightful domain. Both realistic and imaginative, this painting explores the majesty of wild creatures through creative composition and perspective.


The green jaguar exemplifies the primal life force of nature, while its vivid red-orange eyes represent the fiery soul and spiritual power within. As the jaguar drinks from the river, its serene yet vigilant gaze conveys a sense of ancient wisdom and inner peace.

The green color symbolizes the verdant lushness and vitality of the rainforest, specifically representing renewal, resilience and the enduring fertility of life. Emerald green is the color of ecological rebirth. The massive scale of the jaguar suggests nature’s towering grandeur compared to humanity.

Yet the red-orange eyes reveal the living spirit behind the landscape. These fiery eyes speak to the passion, creativity, and transcendent energy that animates all of nature. The color evokes themes of illumination, intuition, and the driving life force that connects all beings. The jaguar’s calm but intense gaze shows that inner fire reflected outward into the world.

The juxtaposition of the green body and red-orange eyes conveys the balance between the physical earthly realm and the mystical spiritual powers within. By blending into the river and trees, the jaguar symbolizes humanity’s interconnection with the environment. We are reminded that if we harm the earth, we ultimately harm ourselves. The jaguar represents living in harmony with nature’s more-than-physical essence.

Overall, this visionary work utilizes color symbolism to revel in the magic of the natural world. The painting suggests that the true nature of reality – including humanity’s place within it – is more mysterious and meaningful than often assumed.


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