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Be water, my friend


“Be Water My Friend” is one of the paintings that summarizes the human/spiritual duality of human beings. The monkey, the survival part of us, always looking for ways to make it, and water, the Spirit, trusting itself and the neverending flow of life.

Water on the other hand, and since ancient times has symbolized emotions (As a valid example: Jesus walking on water, is the idea of managing emotions up to the point of walking beyond them); this painting reflects on that too. The ability to turn emotions into a beautiful facial landscape or a storm. it’ll always be our choice.

Be Water My Friend is an idea inspired by Bruce Lee, who other than a true love for martial arts has a strong and deep philosophical drive.


Weight2 kg
Dimensions50 × 2.5 × 50 cm

60×60 cm


Acrylics on canvas


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